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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vick carter. here's what -- and i'm vehicle carter -- vic carter. >> heifers what people are talking about. >> there's snow moving through the area. here in the city, it is just about finished. we've had some reports of a half inch to maybe an inch in the city. an inch and a half to 2-inches
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north of -- to 2-inches -- 2 inches north of town. we'll have more in my full forecast. we have more information on a police officer who accidentally shot his trainee. it turns out the officer conducting the lesson used a real firearm instead of a blank firearm. reporter: a baltimore city police officer was shot in the head during a training exercise. an investigation aims to get to the bottom of unanswered
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questions, including were procedures followed, and was why was live ammunition used? >> there's no acceptable explanation for why live rounds were at a training exercise. i was so angry, i was almost speechless. reporter: several sources tell wjz someone present during training put a service weapon on while going out for lunch and did not switch it with a simulator weapon when he returned. they reportedly look similar. typically, the guns use in tactical training are brightly colored and do not have live ammo. it's mentally and physically demanding, although the bullets are fake. >> equip your first responders and go at an aggressive situation. reporter: former city police commissioner ed norris describes the safety precautions. >> any tactics training, they take your firearm when you go
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in. you surrender it and your bullets so you know they are cleatly safe. reporter: police are looking into the reported absence of supervisors. >> they're devastated. it's hit them hard. reporter: norris says they can't continue training until they get to the bottom of what happened at city police headquarters, mike helgren. >> simulation weapons use are geek tiles similar to paint balls. a teenager is killed by shots fired in the air. it's a dangerous practice, and her mother wants to make sure nothing like this happens again. america michigan mccorchall has more on her push for tighter
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laws. reporter: a bullet fell from the sky and hit the little girl in her head. >> i should be hugging my daughter instead of putting stuff on her grave. reporter: alana boyar was watching fireworks when she suddenly fell lifeless in the yard. >> she was just turning blue. we started cpr in the living room. reporter: aliyah was rush to the hospital where doctors found a bullet lodged in her brainstem. doctors say someone fired a bullet into the air. it came down and hit the little girl. she died days later. >> you don't expect anybody's child to go out in the yard and not come back. reporter: police are still looking for whoever fired the gun. reporter: police say the bullet may have been fired from as far as a mile and a half away. reporter: now the family has started a petition on alayah's
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law. it calls for a ban on sell bra story gyre and harsher penalties for anyone doing it. it is hoped the law could save lives. >> i never want a parent to feel what i feel. reporter: a pain that won't end until they know who pulled the trigger. reporter: reporting live, megan mccorchall. >> for more information, go to our website,, and public on this story. police are still awaiting evidence to confirm if christopher dorner was inside a cabin. dorner is suspected of inkilling 4 people and i
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jurying 42 -- and injuring 2 others. mary bubala has an exclusive interview with dr. phil. >> i was afraid i wasn't going to get him back. reporter: the mother of 6-year- old 'e-than gillman tells dr. phil he now has trouble sleeping. he was held hostage by vietnam veteran jimmy lee dikes in an underground bunker. they are now revealing the hostage situation that lasted nearly a full week. she says he first watched his bus driver getting killed and then saw his kid naryp getting shot. >> did he see mr. poland murdered? >> yes, he did. the other day we saw a school bus, and he was fixated on that school bus. he couldn't take his eyes off of it. i'm scared of how he will take
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getting on a bus. reporter: e-than has yet to get on a school bus. but his mom told dr. fill he overcame so much so much while being held captive. e-than as asperger's syndrome and is bipolar. >> he complied, he did his best, and he stayed alive. reporter: e-than's mom told dr. fill that this is just the beginning. reporter: two of dr. phil's colleagues joined in the interview to give e-than's mom somed a ice and guidance to help her son move past all of this. >> the motive for dikes' rampage is still unclear. catholics packed vatican city was the pope celebrates ash wednesday mass. thousands of the faithful gave pope benedict a long ovation
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before his last public mass before stepping down. he announced that the cop clave will convene on thursday. glean green has come to represent valentine's day for the money the holiday generates. reporter: valentine's day brings out the procast nate near many people, though it is a time for love and romance. reporter: sophia, what do you think about valentine's day? >> it's good for people who
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have someone to share it with. grr diswhrr according to retailers, it generates some $18 preponderate 6 billion across the nation. women will spend an average of $88 on their significant others in flowers, chocolate, and the classic cards. >> after christmas, the number one holiday is valentine's day. reporter: mike baum says they count on the red to keep them in the black. >> chocolates are tremendous. they usually add it with some gift or not. >> don't let the business of valentine's day fool you. those out shopping for a loved one with sweethearts still say it's all for love. >> i don't know what i'm going to get. >> i have a wonderful wife. i'm so happy to spend something for mer. >> the national retail federation finds that marries couples tend to spend less than other groups, about $73 for a
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spouse. >> don't be part of that statistic, ka pirntion. reporter: not at all. i will up the ante. >> thank you. unless shoppers are budget- conscious, they are taking advantage of cue fons create a deal. >> i wonder, who created this whole thing? >> there were a lot of origins. >> retailers. coming up, special offer. >> no one will know about this valentine's special. it will be between just you and me. >> a sheriff has a valentine's day message for the families of the county's most wanted. >> how a thief with a sweet tooth found himself sitting behind bars. >> the snow ends, but sunshine and warmer temps come back tomorrow. i'll have a complete forecast coming up next.
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it's cloudy and 32-degrees in central maryland right now. the complete weather sphoarks coming up. a suspect is caught stealing a delivery truck right in front
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of a georgia convenience store. the suspect is getting in the truck and driving away. police say james "freddy" major led them on a 15 mile chase. he's charged with theft when dui. dramatic video shows a prison escaping from custody. two police officers made a stop at this walmart. police say he used broken eyeglasses to stab an officer. a video shows a shackled morales running in the parking lot. a divisive debate begins tomorrow over the controversial proposal to repeal the death penalty. and this time, it looks like supporters have the power to make the change. sandy rosenberg confirms that there is a majority in the house and senate to repeal the
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death penalty. this matter of life or death is one of the hardest to debate. on the night before the death penalty hearings begin, two women want lawmakers to hear their stories. wjz's mary b but ala tells us how their emotional journey led them to two places. reporter: a notorious killer is put to death for the murder of valerie dolores's son. >> i have no problem with him not being around anymore. >> it felt less and less like justice to me. reporter: two families suffering after loved ones are murdered, but they're left with far different views on the ultimate punishment. >> i think it's only fair that the death penalty be kept and be enforced for those of us who have to suffer through appeal after appeal. reporter: in 1990, lewis' 18-
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year-old son picked up a hitchhiker, who turned out to be john stanos. stanos shoots him three times, leaves him in the woods, and travels to baltimore county where he killed two more teens. >> i just killed. that's all. >> and you're admitting that? >> i am. reporter: not all families feel the death penalty is the answer. >> vengeance is a very dark, painful place. reporter: erica still remembers the awful moment six years ago when she learned her brother had been shot to death in baltimore. >> it's the first time in my life i knew my prayers wouldn't with answered. >> did you feel an eye for an eye? >> i did officially. i did. >> what made you change your heart? >> it was recognizing that the vengeance was more pain and it wasn't honoring who he was at all. reporter: for dectds, maryland
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has struggled with the death penalty. this year brings perhaps the strongest push for repeal yet with the governor, the naacp and prominent lawmakers behind it. >> this is a process that can't be fixed. it is broken. and it's time to end it. >> otherwise will fight to keep it, like state's attorney scott shellenberger. >> there are some heinous murders that just call out for the death penalty. reporter: lois wants law makers to understand the relief she feels now that her son's killer is dead. reporter: does his execution give you peace center >> it gave me peace in the fact that i don't have to face him anymore. i can go on with my life. reporter: erica thinks healing can begin another way. reporter: why do you think maryland will be a better place without the death penalty >> >> because we will be honoring who we are at our best. reporter: mary b but ala, wjz
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news. >> maryland's last execution was in 2005. there are currently 5 men on death appropriate sever gary hoffman puts a valentines -- death penalty. sever hoffman puts a valentine's spin on the -- sheriff hoffman puts a valentine's spin on the qec's most wanted. he will also send most women roses. >> i liked music, the atmosphere. let's look at temperatures, conditions in the region. had some snow tonight. in the city, not a whole lot accumulating. north of town, he we had 1 to 2-
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inches in some spots. just above freezing in the airport. some areas are right at 32. no wind at all. that means the slush and moisture on the ground will not dry up. there's really no breez to move things around. the bromenter is rising. right now, 32, freezing, 30 in oakland, a lot of places are around 32. south of us, they had light rain. 37 in ocean city. locally, temperatures in the low to mid 30s. there are some reporting stations north of the city with snow on the ground, temperatures around 31 and 32. slush will freeze up overnight. the skies will clear out. that will allow temperatures to drop. south of us, a bit of a breeze. temperatures are not particularly cold north of the country. north of wynn beck it gets in the deeps and colder. we'll have that cold air coming our way this weekend.
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temperatures in most of the united states are at or slightly above average. 29 in detroit, 33 in bosston, 40 in atlanta, orlando got to 88 degrees this afternoon. the precipitation was primarily all in the form of rain. there you see it moving out to the east-northeast. a bit more for those that are at 1 to 3 inches. a couple of spots in northern jersey. mild air is coming in tomorrow, but we have another cold front coming through on friday night into saturday. yes, it get colder, maybe a brief rain or snow shower, and much colder temps for the weekend. southwest winds ahead of that front. sunrise at 7 a.m., and the bay temp around 39. to want, watch out for those
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slick spots. 30 degrees by morning. a milder 48 degrees tomorrow will melt all the snow, 53 on friday, that en42, rain or snowshower possible, 34 for a high on sunday, 38 on monday. it will get quite cold for the end of the weekend. coming up, are you ready for some baseball? >> or yellows spring training is facially underway in
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amark is here -- qmark is here -- the first official workout.
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pitch aryns catchers on the field at the ed smith stadium complex. it was the pitching stay that was the most improved part of the team in a surprising playoff run last season. what's the feeling on the team this year now that the o's are coming off the success of 2012? qwe come -- in college basketball been the duke crazies are out in full force, cheering for duke. that's two strikes against tech. carolina led at half, but the blue devils get hot in the second half. tyler thornton, part of the
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gabbing. duke wins its 13th straict homegame, 37 high 68 over the tarheels with ranked second in the nation. duke plays the terps in college park. women's college basketball at umbc, where the retrievers believe in the power of pink. and umbc makes a statement with a win over new hampshire. the retrieves battle bath toll a 59-50 victory. this was truly a win-win for umbc. great night for that and great night for baseball. >> thank you, mark. coming up, top
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you may say to the victor go the spoils, but so does a nice steak. that's what banana joe won. it was probably the favorite part of his victory tour, which included visit to the stock exchange and the empire state building. >> i guess your mom told you to
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